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College Life Coaching (Click Here for More Information)

You can experience more motivation and increase course success with personalized learning strategies, time or priority managment strategies, and life/school balance.

 Whole life - whole person support to help with school goals, career goals and life goals too.  

Coaching support is also an excellent strategy for people experiencing ADHD, anxiety, and low confidence. 

Career Designing & Life Direction    (Click Here for More Information)

man thinking critically against blackboard. chalk arrows sprouting out of head as ideaAre you wishing you had a better outlook for your future? 

Do you ever wonder..."Is this all there is?"

If life or your career has you confused or feeling stuck,  

Designing your life and career with inside-out insight can move you to where you want to be!   

Career and Interview Strategies  (Click Here for More Information)

Want more confidence for phone or in-person interviews?

Want to practice interviewing with a career coaching professional?

Working with a coach for creating an interview strategy and strengthening your skills provides that extra boost of support brings you the confidence you need to do well.


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College Transition: A difficult journey with options for a brighter future.(Click Here for More Information)

Some college students' experience transitioning to and through higher education is much the same way. Some end up like the Titanic; thinking they are unsinkable, yet "stuff" happens. With little preparation for "adulting" and self-management or not knowing their "why" as direction for it all, many students end up bumping up against unknown obstacles. They may "sink", such as failing out or quitting.

Achieve More with Coach Pam!

Coach Pam is your personal and professional achievement partner.  

Experience positive support in a non-judgmental space to share ideas, dream big, and move to action!  

Pam's passion is bringing people to experience themselves as motivated individuals and team members, who are powered by understanding their purpose, vision, and mission.

Recommendation from Judi Haselhoef, Author and World Traveler:

"If ever there was good news for the college-considering,Eemployment-needing, life-navigating bunch (all of us), THIS is it. Pam Schoessling's ability to help us steer through these three areas effectively is a welcome answer to the world of "I NEED HELP!" Pam's experience in this field is legendary and now she's offering her clarity and wisdom to us through Lightvision. There's no one kinder and more empathetic than this woman and having her in one's corner would be the true tipping point in any real life-changing event."

Recommendation from a UW-Milwaukee college graduate:

“She is truly a natural coach and facilitator. Her process is so organic. She has helped me redefine myself and my confidence in knowing that I'm the only one that can get in my way! Pam will get you unstuck and will make you accountable for you!”   


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