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About Me

You experience a brighter future - for work, at school, or in life!  

About me:  I understand that work, college, or life can be challenging, hand holding pocket watchbusy, or stressful. Relationships may be difficult when trying to balance career, school, or life demands. Especially so when dealing with low motivation, different learning abilities, feeling a loss of direction, or experiencing scattered thinking.  I'm a married mother of 3 adult children, who's experienced numerous times of career and school uncertainties and challenges over the years - personally and within our family.  I "get" that parents may be concerned about their son or daughter's future - and there is hope for improved conversations and strategies!


  • Trained and certified in Life Design, Academic Life, and Career Coaching.
  • Master’s degree in Education specializing in higher education. adult learning and service learning.
  • Bachelor's degree in Education Grades 6-12, with tutoring, college transition, and character training. 


  • 5+ years training and coaching employees, students, or clients in Career and Life Design, Self-awareness, and Engagement.
  • 10+ years working in secondary and higher education with a variety of roles:
    • high school and college instructor
    • academic or career advisor 
    • academic, career, and life coach 
    • study skills and general education tutor.
  • Extensive experience working with working or unemployed adults, and students who are underachieving or lack confidence.
  •  Coach and teach youth or adults who experience ADD/ADHD or other learning challenges.
  • Additional experience includes supporting individuals or groups in 
    • Building confidence and personal leadership development
    • Spiritual growth
    • Learning through culturally diverse service and travel experiences


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