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Academic & College Life Coaching 


Do you know someone who struggles to do well in college, such as passing classes and getting a needed GPA?

Are you concerned about transitioning to a new college environment?

Is procrastination, low motivation, or shyness getting in the way of excelling at school?

Are there challenges with getting a job, an internship, or preparing for life after graduation?

Consider...father in background speaking to frowing daughter in foreground

Academics can be overwhelming, boring, or stressful.

Leaving the comfort of high school support services may bring up concerns about shifting study habits to a new school.

Some students "try" to do better in their classes, but don't know how to learn for college.

Unclear motivation or lack of life direction may impact a commitment to study in new ways or take on responsibility.

Asking for what they need, such as talking with instructors, employers, or peers, may be intimidating. 

With unconditional acceptance and positivity, Coach Pam creates a safe space for personalized sessions to address college learning or transition, career direction or change, anwoman smiling in grassy fieldd life challenges.

Find out how college life coaching can move you or somone in your family to a brighter future.  

Examples of how our coaching relationship can help:

  • Discover creative - brain activating approaches to studying
  • Increase motivation and be more prepared
  • Tackle priorities and time using ways customized around personal strengths and preferences.
  • Organize approaches for study materials, a workspace, and calendars. 
  • Improve results by helping discover solutions and design plans to overcome obstacles with learning, motivation, finances, health, relationships, or work.
  • Learn how to learn - regardless of the subject
  • Create goals that matter and take achieveable steps to make them a reality

Ask for a FREE session to learn how learning from a certified academic life coman and woman smiling at each otherach and teacher can positively impact the college and career experience. 

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****IF YOU ARE  A PARENT OF A COLLEGE STUDENT and you want coaching to know how to best support your son or daughter - Ask me about personalized sessions for you too! 

Parents of College Students

  • Discover more understanding of college life impact

  • Envision how to parent your child to adulthood

  • Experience more direction and clarity for your own life

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