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College Success Coaching 

Students wanting to be better at learning in high school, trade school, college, or university

Do any if these fit with your high school or college experience?  Find out how academic life coaching for success can move you to a brighter future.  Are you...?

  • Overwhelmed and stressed
  • Tired of trying and not getting better grades
  • Not motivated to do homework
  • Tired of listening to nagging parents
  • Feeling alone with learning differences, like ADHD/ADD and are tired of “not getting it” when everyone else does.
  • Not sure why you are in school
  • Anxious when taking tests
  • Lacking confidence when talking with instructors, employers, or peers

With unconditional acceptance and positivity, Coach Pam creates a safe space for personalized sessions to address your needs.  Examples of how our coaching efforts can help you:

  • Discover creative approaches to study strategies.
  • Increase motivation to apply your best self
  • Time management and priority strategies that you design to fit your personality and goals.
  • Organizing approaches for your your life, study materials or your workspace 
  • Create and attain life goals - design your school or career path
  • Transition to success in college.
  • More direction in selecting:
    • The best college or technical program for your interests and desired environment.
    • The best major for your interests, strengths and motivation.
    • The best classes that motivate you to learn.
  • Learn how to learn - regardless of the subject
  • Build your confidence - in the classroom or life  
  • Make more informed decisionsman drawing on whiteboard

Plus...insight for non-curricular opportunities, gap years, study abroad, internships, and general personal or professional development planning.  

Session package options: 

  • Full or partial academic terms - customized for your needs.
  • Study booster packages - 2-6 sessions.
  • Ramp-up starter package of 2 sessions.

Individual sessions available.

Ask for a FREE session to learn how learning from a certified academic life coach and teacher can positively impact your school experience. 

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****IF YOU ARE  A PARENT OF A COLLEGE STUDENT and you want coaching to know how to best support your son or daughter - Ask me about personalized sessions for you too! 

Parents of College Students

  • Discover more understanding of college life impact

  • Envision how to parent your child to adulthood

  • Experience more direction and clarity for your own life

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