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woman with arms stretched outWhat work - paid or unpaid - can get you up in the morning feeling energized and ready to go?  

What job would give you meaning and fulfillment, with a sense of purpose?  Find out with....

Career Designing Workshops

Enrollment Closed: Quick Start Session 1:  Evenings Virtually - 6 weeks - Starting in April 19 - Thursday nights at 7:00pm CT  (Recorded to view later too!)

Quick Start Session 2:  Mornings Virtually - 6 weeks - Starting May 5 Friday mornings at 12:00pm CDT (Recorded to view later too!)

Quick Start Session 3:  In-person 1 day- 7 hour workshop - TBD

 WHY do I need it?

Have you ever felt lost in life or your career direction? 

Do you ever wish you had more motivation for your work or school?

Do you sometimes just want your job or career to be different? or even your life?

Are you tired of just going through the motions of life and work, and want to navigate to a different path?

Do you want to know what to do next for an improved career journey? 

If yes to any of these questions, then now is the time to...

Design your career and life so that you feel more fulfilled.  

Connect to yourself and explore ideas for your future.

Live & work with purpose & meaning!

WHAT's in it for you to sign up for Career Designing?man and woman smiling at each other

  • You engage in practical activities between sessions that help you connect to yourself so that you can create meaningful work or mission statements that inspire you to live a life you love.
  • You create a Vision2Action plan with a design-thinking approach for career opportunity paths.
  • You interact with an experienced instructor of success courses and career exploration workshops, who is also a trained life and career coach with expertise as a life design catalyst.

It's time to focus in & expand out to a new and brighter vision for your life!

Recommendation: I recommend Lightvision Coaching’s Career Design service for anyone undecided what to do with themselves. I felt I had unfulfilled potential and low energy after some significant life changes. Through Pam’s online meetings, she provided excellent insights helping me examine my situation from other angles. Her non-judgmental, structured approach gave me the tools to focus my energy.  I recommend Pam for anyone that wants to take their career and life a step up. It’s amazing how much you can achieve with a coach. You truly get energized. (S. Cagle,

With this course - You are empowered to move yourself forward with inside-out insight!Woman working on Thought Process

WHAT does the course include?

6 weeks of 1 hour sessions: Topical instruction and Interactive learning with others for designing a life aligned with your values, strengths, and aspirations. 


1 FREE individual session with Pam Schoessling, a certified Career Coach & Life Design Catalyst

PLUS...SparcK starter documents that include 6 activities for gaining personal expertise and creating an action plan for achieving a brighter future!


WHEN is the online workshop series / short-course?

Virtual Session 1

Thursday evenings at 7pm US Central Time

April 19, 26 and May 3, 10, 17, and 24

Virtual Session 2

Friday mid-day at 12pm US Central Time.

May 4, 11, 18, and 25, June 1, 8

HOW do I connect to the sessions?

A virtual group environment is created using an online platform called ZOOM. A link will be sent for our "room" that allows for easy access.  Video participation is optional, but encouraged!

HOW much does it cost?

For this FIRST time online offering of the Quick Start content, the discounted group price is ONLY offered this Spring 2018.

$399 Introductory priced at $99 for all 7 sessions!

Or $20 each session OR......... Pay by the first class for the whole series and the price is just $79!!!     

Sign up with a friend - and it's only $99 for both people for all sessions!!!!

PLUS....discounts for Military/Veterans, Educators, & Students!

Call Coach Pam at 262-210-9111 or email at [email protected]

  • A bargain - considering the cost of a continuing education course elsewhere
  • More cost effective than 7 individual coaching sessions and a physical text book
  • No travel or parking costs


Easy pay:

PayPal  or Check - contact me for other options.   

  • Zelle pay:  262-210-9111

To find out more, contact Pam Schoessling

Email:  [email protected]

Call:  262-210-9111

To set-up a Free consultation or appointment: Use the calendar button at the top of the page.

hand holding pocket watchDiscover your why - Know your way

Create your vision - Live your mission

Career Designing & Life Navigation!


Tell me more...

Meaningful careers and lives happen with intentional effort and purpose-powered action plans.  

People don't often spend as much time learning about themselves as they do about things outside of themselves.  For example: we go to school to learn a trade or a subject. We may engage in activities and experiments to learn more about a topic or specific concept. We converse with others about relationships, cooking, entertainment, sports, our neighborhood, or even politics.

But...concentrated time learning about ourselves is limited at best.  We can read lots of articles online - read self-help books, or even do an online assessment or two. Yet - in isolation - we are left to that one topic on its own and we may struggle to integrate positive change that moves us forward with bigger steps of success.

The webinar series of workshops is a short live course offered virtually - you can experience it from anywhere you have a computer. Video is optional.  The process and peer community connection support you in designing your career to align with your core values and strengths. Your motivation increases when you create a clearer vision with more direction and inspiring goals. You understand more about how knowing your WHY and living with purpose brings you to know more about WHAT to do too! 


A peer partner from the class for additional support to reach your goals.

Private Facebook group for sharing insights and additional resources

HOW do I learn more?

Contact Pam Schoessling

Sign up for a free session using the calendar link at the top of the page or ...

Email:  [email protected]

Call:  262-210-9111





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